NEWLY RISEN DECAY - 8:05, UK/Switzerland, 2011

In the ceaseless flux I stand, condemned to fall apart.
I am no form.
No flesh.
No thing.
And so then what is left?
Everything moves itself and nothing remains.

- Chosen as 1 of the 3 Best Videos at the 5th Jakarta International Video Festival

SCREENINGS 2011-2017
- Group exhibition Body at MOUart Gallery Beijing
- Transborda Festival
- L’Étrange Festival
- Mostra Sesc de Artes 2012
- Cour(t)s de Danse at L'Hybride
- 8th Athens Video Art Festival
- Videoformes 2012
- Pixellence SVA Exhibition at Westside Gallery NYC
- Festival International du Court Métrage
- Women Make Waves Film Festival
- Cartes Flux 2011
- Simultan Festival For Electronic Arts and Music
- 5th Jakarta International Video Festival
- Free For Arts Festival
- EXiS Experimental Film And Video Festival Seoul

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